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I am in search of some real cool vintage video "ad" footage of the 1977 Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am. If anyone has anything available I would be more than happy to credit you with it for allowing me to use it on my site. The ads can be any manufacturer which display the 1976 - 1981 Trans Am or Firebird prominently. For example, Goodyear tires, Gabriel shocks, etc. I have a few magazine ads I will post soon but "video" would be very desirable. You may contact me at   THANKS! -Doug

Here is a very rare 1977 Trans Am video commercial tv ad.

Some Other Vintage Firebird Trans AM Videos:

1980 Pontiac TURBO FIREBIRD TRANS AM video commercial tv ad.

1981 Turbo Trans Am on Youtube 

I am adding this is to show you the turbo light indicators on the hood working. This is the only video I have been able to find that shows the turbo boost indicator gauge moving from "low" to "medium". "High" would have been great but he didn't get it it up that far. Irregardless, it was shot at night and it looks great. This is a 1981 Nascar Trans Am pace car. 

1981 Turbo Trans Am on YouTube

Another 1981 Turbo Trans Am showing the boost function light. The owner doesn't drive the car, so the turbo lights feature doesn't advance to "Medium" and "High"  but this is a nice walk around and listen of the 1981 Y84 Special Edition Turbo Trans Am.

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